TOR Systems Maxim booking solution

Management Support and Reporting systems for visitor attractions

Maxim is a fully user-defined system, allowing you to configure and modify your own setup and can be be adapted quickly to a changing environment.

Through the use of intuitive interfaces, even the most complicated transactions are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Maxim fully logs user actions, providing an audit trail and full security control.

Management are supported by the provision of concise, timely and accurate information. Reports created using Maxim provide management with as much or as little information as required.

Management & Reporting Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fast and efficient transactions through all sales channels
  • Capture of Gift Aid under HMRC regulations, with full auditing and reporting
  • Flexibility to sell multiple tickets/events/combination tickets in a single transaction
  • Memberships functionality integrated into one system
  • The system supports all commercial aspects of your attraction
  • Recording of demographic data for CRM and marketing purposes
  • Tracking of marketing campaigns against each customer or client
  • Security measures applied to various user levels
  • Full end-of-day reconciliation and auditing
  • Access control options are integrated for queue management and CRM
  • Flexible reporting system
  • Thorough training provided by personable, experienced and knowledgeable TOR team
  • High standards of support, regarding in the industry as best in class

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