Technical Support on our Maxim Ticketing, Booking and CRM system

The support we provide starts with the team of people we employ at TOR. Our team have extensive knowledge of our products, as well as wide-ranging experience within the industry.

We understand that ticketing and CRM can be a very overwhelming subject to many users, so we endeavour to keep explanations simple, without unnecessary inclusion of technical jargon.

We pride ourselves on the support we offer to our customers. We regard it as best in class and one of the many reasons why our customers choose to stay working with us.

The support package is always tailored to suit your operational needs and all responses are managed according to their business nature.

We believe the training and the support we provide encourages an excellent level of competence at the user level, so our clients can manage their system effectively. This enables our team to provide the appropriate level of support, ranging from remote cover to full on-site assistance.

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