We don’t just provide ticketing systems… We help you build better visitor experiences

Are you looking for a ticketing, Epos and booking supplier that has extensive knowledge of your sector, understands your operational and commercial requirements and has a solution which is used effectively in many of the UK’s museums and visitor attractions? TOR Systems provides you with the solution you need, not just for now, but for future business planning.

Whether you operate a museum, zoo, gallery, theme park, heritage site and garden, castle, or any other type of visitor attraction, we can help you.

We will work with you to improve your visitor experience, maximise potential revenues and access valuable visitor data for the best return on investment. With our help, you will be able to build sophisticated customer records, report on all activity and enable an effective marketing and customer relationship management strategy.

Maxim uses industry-standard technology and is continuously developed to keep up to speed with changing technology. Our development focuses on the specific business needs of you, as our client.

What you can expect:

  • An honest and open partnership – Well past the go-live date we continue to work together with the same focus in mind, to grow your business. We stand by the references of our clients and you are welcome to approach any of our clients or attend any of our user forums.
  • Personable and knowledgeable user support – We have been praised for the quality of service we have provided to the industry, regarded as ‘Best in Class’.
  • A robust, user-friendly and flexible solution for your business needs – Which improves your visitor experience and supports a happy working environment, allowing your staff to focus on your visitors rather than managing system issues.
  • We continuously strive to develop ourselves and our products – This ensures we have the resources and technical know-how to support the developments in your attraction.
  • Continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of the industry and your attraction – This means we will understand your objectives and challenges and together we can support you across many areas of your business.
  • Listen and take on feedback – This ensures we can develop and change our practices to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Story

Our story begins in 1981 as an operator, rather than as a supplier. At the time we had a booking and ticketing system requirement, which we could not find a solution for in the marketplace. We decided to take our real-life operator’s experience and create a system that met our requirements and in turn provided a solution for the wider industry. Since that time we have gone on to provide solutions to the wider visitor attractions market.

Our experience in the marketplace has included museums and galleries, theme parks, heritage attractions and historic houses, viewing galleries, zoos and gardens. The result of our specialisation in one sector is a company that remains highly focused on the needs of businesses such as yours.

Maxim is in operation at multi-site attractions, such as the Imperial War Museums, and the Brighton Pavilion and Buildings, as well as more recently opened attractions, like the British Airways I360.  It provides functionality for timed-capacity controlled ticketing, general admission, group and event bookings, members, retail and catering, access control, as well as integration to external systems, through our API.

Many of our partnerships have been going strong for over 15-20 years, which we believe reflects the quality of our system and the services we provide.

For further information on some of our current clients please see our Case Studies page.

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