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CRM & Marketing solutions for galleries, zoos, aquariums, heritage sites, theme parks and museums

The Maxim system allows organisations to easily access and manage their customer data, to successfully run their CRM.

Customers’ buying behaviour, as well as interactions with the attraction are automatically recorded within the system, allowing further opportunities to segment your audience.

Effective target marketing campaigns can easily be achieved with the use of Maxim’s reporting tool.

Summary of Benefits

  •  Customer’s booking patterns recorded by event tag categories
  • Client interest tags to add further detail to client profiles
  • E-Shots/mail-outs based on filterable criteria
  • Configurable customer data fields
  • User-friendly, simple booking process which limits drop-out rates
  • Data protection, and configurable marketing preferences
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager tracking
  • API for bespoke front end development
  • Easy redemption of promotions and up-selling opportunities
  • Variable pricing to encourage pre-booking
  • Member only events and pre-sales
  • Members portal for renewals, upgrades, or special offers
  • Web-based, flexible reporting tool for analysis and exporting of data

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