TOR Systems admissions system

Ticketing, Membership & Retail solutions for visitor attractions

Onsite ticketing and retail should support fast access, and minimise queues. Maxim applies a combination of technologies which ensures super-quick transactions and the ultimate in ease of use for all attractions, whatever the size and complexity.

Due to the design and functionality of the system attractions have more time to concentrate on customer service and the overall visitor experience.

Offer better customer service by:

  • Increase time spent in the attraction, rather than waiting in a queue
  • Ensuring staff are focused on customer service, not on technical aspects of the system
  • Providing all necessary tickets and proof of purchase accurately
  • Increase secondary spend on entry and during the visit
  • Flexible ticket/retail packages available for purchase
  • Ability to redeem discounts easily
  • One single point of purchase for tickets, memberships, retail and catering
  • Option available to purchase memberships and issue membership cards at the point of sale.

Benefits to you:

  • Touchscreen – simple to use
  • Process Gift Aid transactions quickly and efficiently with full reporting
  • Q-Busting for busy days
  • Chip and PIN payments integrated into the system
  • Self-service ticket kiosks save staffing costs
  • E-commerce advanced bookings (m-ticket or print@home) can be fast-tracked saving staff time
  • Barcoding of retail items, as well as pop-up lists for maximum flexibility
  • Security levels available for various requirements, such as refunds
  • Recording of demographic data
  • Full real-time audit trail
  • Quick end of day reconciliation
  • Detailed reporting of visitor numbers and financials by till, user and location
  • Maximise the opportunities to sell tickets, retail and catering through one ticketing solution
  • Fully integrated stock management, including automation of orders, as well as efficient stocktakes

Download our full TOR On-Site Ticketing, Membership and Retail brochure here.

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