TOR Systems admissions system

Ticketing, Membership & Retail solutions for visitor attractions

Due to the intuitive and user-friendly design, attractions have more time to concentrate on customer service and opportunities to increase profitability.

Maxim applies a combination of technologies and design features which ensures super-quick transactions, with minimal clicks to complete transactions, whatever their complexity.

An integrated Ticketing, Membership and Retail system reduces overheads and is easier for the attraction to manage.

Summary of Benefits

  • Web-based to support roaming ticketing/membership
  • Ticket, Membership and Retail in one single point of purchase
  • Quick transactions, due to an intuitive and user-friendly design
  • Configurable touch screen tills by location
  • System set-up managed by the attraction
  • Supports multi-site, locations, sessions, events, and resources
  • Unique timeline for a full view of availability from any till location
  • Automatically records Gift Aid, including declarations
  • Printable and Electronic Tickets and cards
  • Integrated barcodes for scanning
  • Flexible pricing and ticket set up
  • Single or multiple memberships
  • Easy redemption of promotions
  • Full stock control and retail sales
  • Configurable up-selling opportunities
  • Adding multiple contacts to customer/membership records
  • Data collection and segmentation for CRM
  • Integrated Chip and PIN, with certified PCI compliance

Download our full TOR Ticketing, Membership and Retail brochure here, alternatively read more about our system and services.

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