Ticketing Solutions for Farm and Country Parks

TOR Systems is a market leader of real-time, cost-effective, innovative cloud solutions, which supports Farm and Country Parks with all their Ticketing, Booking, Membership, Retail and CRM requirements.

Are you looking for a ticketing, Epos and booking supplier that has extensive knowledge of your sector, understands your operational and commercial requirements and has a solution which is used effectively in many of the UK’s Farm and Country Parks? TOR Systems provides you with the solution you need, not just for now, but for future business planning.


Customers can easily book to visit your attraction on any device in real time with MaximWeb.

Online Promotions

  • Online promotions allow you to offer discounts to customers based on multiple parameters, such as buy one get one free, percentage off or money off.
  • Promotions can either be a generic code which is designed to be passed around for maximum usage or individual codes which can only be used once.


  • MaximWeb provides opportunities to upsell during the customer journey online.
  • The items are configured by the organisation so that they relate specifically to the tickets customers add to their basket.

Gift Vouchers

  • Gift Vouchers can be sold and redeemed both online and onsite.
  • This provides an excellent commercial opportunity to maximise the gift market, without any additional administration cost incurred by the organisation.
  • Gift vouchers can be personalised with individual messages.

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Maxim applies a combination of technologies which ensures super-quick transactions and the ultimate in ease of use, whatever the size and complexity of attraction.

Fast Transactions

  • Maxim has integrated Chip and PIN payments with an authorisation time of three seconds, speeding up transaction times
  • Maxim also allows the tender of multiple payments within a single transaction, and the acceptance of vouchers for discount purposes.
  • Touch screens are used for ease and speed of use and industry standard ticket printers to produce high quality tickets quickly. Alternatively, tickets can be emailed directly to the customer.


  • Passes can be an excellent way of encouraging repeat visits and secondary spend.
  • Maxim provides the functionality to create any type of pass, whether you require day/week/season or annual passes.
  • Photos can be taken of the customer purchasing the pass, which is stored against the customer record to assist in preventing fraudulent activity.
  • All tickets, passes and membership cards include barcodes, which are easily scanned for entry, as well as providing data for further visitor analysis.


  • An integral part of the Maxim system is the acceptance of promotions and discounts. These can be in the form of printed material, or codes that can be scanned or entered manually.
  • Discounts can be defined in multiple parameters, such as buy one get one free, money off or percentage off.
  • The redemption of promotions is fully audited and reported, showing take-up rates of promotions and their cost.


  • Easily upsell to walk-in customers is managed by the creation of prompts, which can be switched on or off depending on your requirements.
  • All upsell items are configured so that they are relevant to the customers’ preferred tickets.

Retail and Catering

  • If your preference for ticketing, retail and catering operations is to sell retail or food and beverage items through one system, Maxim fully supports selling all of your retail and catering items by barcode or list.
  • Maxim links directly to a full stock management system, which allows both keyboard entry and barcode scanning, for manual and automated processes.
  • Hand-held scanners are available to perform stock movement functions, which include ordering, delivery, return, transfer, stocktake and wastage. All the functionality is provided to support full stocktakes, by groups of products and/or random stocktakes.
  • The order and delivery process can be fully automated or manually controlled as required. Stock levels can be used to trigger orders, however it is also possible to directly receive deliveries into stock without an order.

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  • Maxim provides the functionality to easily accept Gift Aid on any device via all channels.
  • Maxim assists the user in processing the transaction efficiently by automatically presenting Gift Aid data capture screens which relate to gift aided tickets. The printing of Gift Aid certificates for visitors may be either enabled or disabled as required.
  • The collection of this data can be easily recorded in the queue, speeding up entry times and improving the overall experience.


We have designed Maxim with a host of features and products to help streamline the booking process and reduce administration, as we understand that these bookings can be especially time-consuming to manage.

 Graphical Timelines

  • The timeline feature enables users to view the current capacity of any particular event at a glance.
  • The timeline changes colour according to the volume of bookings and indicates the remaining capacity. This colour coding is also replicated within the monthly calendar, which provides a view of bookings at a glance.

Diary Search

  • This invaluable feature allows your attraction to automatically search for any number of events, specific to your customer’s exact requirements.
  • The customer can specify any criteria from date ranges and/or days of the week, and/or times of the day they are available to visit. Maxim will automatically produce an agenda, which will be emailed to the client. The system automatically checks availability, taking into consideration the time it takes to walk between the venues and the length of each performance/activity.

Flexibility for Corporate Bookings

  • Maxim can manage your entire booking operation including the reservation of spaces, resources and staff allocation.
  • The system allows the user to decide the cost of the booking specific to that particular client rather than a fixed price. This is particularly useful for corporate business, where sales teams negotiate client rates.
  • The system automatically checks availability, taking into consideration the time it takes to walk between the venues and the length of each performance/activity.

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Maxim supports the delivery of your membership schemes by enabling the collection of valuable data, capturing digital images of members, recording expiry dates, as well as producing high-quality membership cards.

  • Purchase and renew memberships through all sales channels
  • Membership records can easily be transferred to a new card in the event a card is lost or stolen, automatically cancelling the old card
  • Digital images can be taken and stored against the client record, or printed onto cards to help prevent fraudulent activity
  • Membership cards can be designed to your requirements
  • Multiple types of membership can be sold: single, joint or family
  • All changes to memberships are recorded in Maxim, with a full user audit
  • Integration with access control, turnstiles or handheld scanners, including reporting on all activity
  • All payment types are accepted.


Cloud-based, and real time, Maxim provides both standard reports and the ability to create your own bespoke reports simply and effectively.

  • Flexibility includes the addition or removal of fields/columns, creation of filters, changes to column order and groups by columns added. This functionality is available to the user, with access granted by permission level as per standard features of Maxim.
  • Any report created within the system can be saved by the user as a bespoke report, and run at any stage in the future, making this a report generator. All reports can be exported to PDF or Excel, and emailed to any recipient.

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Why not contact us to find out how we can help find a long term solution to your ticketing and CRM requirements?

The National Memorial Arboretum have worked with TOR for over 2 years, and implementing the Maxim system has made a huge difference to the workload of the NMA team.  We use Maxim to book events, meeting room space, learning activities, group bookings, catering and other resourcing.  We also use it for CRM and are currently progressing the implementation of Maxim Web.  The staff at TOR are extremely helpful, they are always on hand to deal with any queries and provide support when required.

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